Tuesday, August 5, 2008

'COOL DUDES'!! \m/\m/

Have you ever come across "cool" people?? I m talking about the ones who like keeping their hair wet, about the ones who perform social service by playing loud music on the N92s in the bus and keep everyone entertained, the ones who keep chewing gum like a cow by moving their lower jaw such that it forms an ellipse if the locus of all points to which the chin moves is considered. It is not at all difficult to spot such people. All you have to do is get into a bus which has many commerce or arts colleges in its route. You will come across a number of these characters. I hate the way they wet their long hair, which is short from the front, but long enough to cover the neck from the back. It is really irritating when these "cool" guys play loud Linkin' Park songs in the bus. Each time I wish I could stand up and say "You idiot, the world has gone far beyond the age of Linkin' Park. Where were you in the last decade??" And it is even more annoying when they try to lip sync the song and try to feel the song by imitating the expressions of the lead vocalist. Sometimes I am really surprised to find guys who bang their heads to Bon Jovi. "Wat do you listen to?", I ask them. "I only like listening to heavy stuff like Bon Jovi", they say. I have at times come across guys who imitate the guitarists on the platforms and streets. Their fingers move in sync with the guitar piece they are listening to. Their faces are worth a watch. They can put Shahrukh Khan to shame with all their expressions. The easiest way to differentiate these guys from normal college going public is by their attire. They wear jeans that have a wierd wash. Faded at some places where they shouldn't have. They have wierd patches on their shirts and pants. These guys listen to music on their headphones on the way to station or bus stop from their homes. But once they enter their preferred mode of transport, every Riteish Deshmukh becomes a John Travolta. I have had many more encounters with such people. If you want to find such people, just stay where you are because they will come to you. Cheers!

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