Monday, May 19, 2008

Dil ki baat zubaan par

This is my first post of the year 2008. I know, I m really late but its that time of the year again when i can do nothing else but study coz the rest of my friends are also doing exactly the same thing. So i end up finding solace in this world wide web n start thinking about wierd stuff to post in my blog.
I can't believe that I am in the third year of engg now. It seems as if I just joined the college n met Rohit, Salil, Divyanshu and Amit at the entrance when I was waiting for Gurudatt. What a day it was. I was so scared that day coz I was entering an entirely new territory where all I knew was an encounter with the final year students could be hazardous to health. We had the most coolest BEs when we joined the college. Very cool n talented guys. I really missed those guys when they left the college.
In SE, I made some new friends in FE trical. Wasn't very close to them. But thanks to a few guys like Siddharta n Yaseen, I met Ashwin n Nandan, two gifted guitarists, who really need to work on their stage presence.
Now I m in TE. Have made more friends. TE trical is the best class in the entire college. Some of the most talented students in the college study in my class. Inspite of these varied interests among the students, the class is still a unit. We dun hav groups. Polls in the class are useless. U just hav to ask one person and that is exactly what the rest of the class thinks. I dun think any class is more unified than ours. If u think otherwise, ask Bharat Raut.
3 years have just passed by like a dust storm. And you might be wondering as to why I havn't mentioned anything about the semester exams that take place twice a year. Thats because, I hardly care about them till 4 days prior to the exam. Thats wen the actual studying takes place. For instance, my first exam is to be held on 23rd may n its 19th may today, 7:35pm to be precise.. ;P

Wish me luck!!