Thursday, May 24, 2007

The sports day massacre

This incident took place when I was in the 9th standard. It was our school's sports day and we were at the CRPF grounds in Jogeshwari. Not many people had arrived. A group of 30-40 students, principal Fr. Phillip and few teachers were there. Buses were yet to arrive with students.

On the way to the ground, we had seen Hrithik Roshan shooting for a movie. This was the time when the Hrithik craze was at its peak. We all stood watching the shoot until a policeman asked us to leave that place. We went to the ground where our sports day was being held.

On the ground, we were discussing about Hrithik and the shoot. Some said it was an ad shoot, while some said that a movie was being shot. Our principal came towards me and asked me what was going on. I told him that a shooting was going on and Hrithik was starring in it. I had a strange feeling when i said this. He asked me where it was being held. I told him that it was being held at a ground nearby. I had this strange feeling once again, when I spoke. I could hear voices. I looked around. It was then that I realized that Fr. Phillip was holding a microphone in his hand and he was trying to hide it in his robes. And I could hear my voice through the PA. All the students started laughing. I said "SHIT!!!" and the word echoed all over the ground. Silence spread all over the ground. Fr. Phillip stared at me and started laughing. Every one laughed once again.

I was really embarassed. When the rest of the students arrived, the other students made sure that even they knew what had happened. It didn't take a long time for everyone to know what had happened. Thanks to God, they forgot about this incident in a day or two. Nobody spoke about it at school the next day!!!

Adding fuel to fire can burn hands

I suddenly am reminded of this incident which took place maybe a decade ago. This was the time when I was still living in Hyderabad with my parents. There was this notorious but really smart guy called Vasu. He was 2 years elder to me. He was standing with two of my friends, Prakash and Shashank.

Prakash called Shashank an idiot. Vasu said,"Oh my god!! He called idiot!!" Then Shashank called Prakash stupid. Vasu said,"Oh no!! He called u stupid!!" Prakash and Shashank were fighting and Vasu was adding fuel to fire. I saw this and thought this was fun!!!!

I went one of my friends and told her that a little girl called her stupid. She said, that the little girl was stupid to have said that to her. Now, it was my time to act like the Narad muni. I went to the little girl and said that my friend called her stupid. Before I could say anything else she started crying and ran home and before I could think, she brought her mother down.

Her mother pulled my friend to her parents. My friend came to my home to complaint to my parents. She was a smart girl and she knew that it was all done by me. My dad beat me up badly. I was really ashamed for what I had done. But deep inside I knew that doing something like that needed guts of immense proportions. I was feeling heroic like Mangal Pandey deep inside because my friends were peeping into our house from the door and watching me get beaten up by my parents. And amongst all my friends, there stood Vasu. He is really a very smart guy to have escaped without getting beaten up, I thought to myself.

Poor girl, she cried a lot. I really feel bad for my friend even today. I don't know if she remembers the incident. I am not specifying her name. If she does remember she will really be surprised to read my side of the story, because no one knew why I did that, but me!!!