Saturday, February 14, 2009

Message of a soon-to-be passout

The last time I blogged was in September 2008. Its been long since I posted something and my fingers feel rusty. Once again, I am aimless and I don't know what to write. Still, I feel this sudden urge to write something, to vent my feelings though I don't know what it is. I feel very happy and contented right now. Everything is absolutely wonderful around me. My friends are being absolutely nice to me. No one is acting like a jerk. My parents are extremely supporting, and they don't stop me from doing anything I want to. Lately, I had gone for a trip with the IEEE of my college. It was wonderful. I made many new friends and besides that, the guys I knew before have become closer friends. I feel a sense of achievement. When I was in the first year, I looked at my B.E.s and said to myself, "these guys are really cool, everybody knows and likes them." I wanted to be a guy who would be known and liked by all when I was in my final year. I wanted to be approachable for my juniors. Something tells me that I have been a nice guy. I think everyone likes me and I am quite approachable. Sometimes Rohit and I think that we have always been nice to our juniours and we have always treated them as our equals. I like that feeling. It also feels nice to tell the FEs, SEs and TEs that SPIT and SPCE share the same college building and there is no point in trying to separate the activities of the colleges. And I am proud that my entire BE Trical class thinks the same. We hate people who try to differentiate between the two colleges. We hope that in our absence from the college from the next academic year, our juniours follow the same trend. I really love my college. It has given me many friends and many opputunities. It feels weird when Rohit says that he will miss the college. But now that I am thinking of it, I am sure that even I will miss the college.


pratap kaul said...

we will miss you too saar :D

anand said...

u are known and liked by all of us mate...yes will miss u and ur guitar sessions saar..

Bhupendra said...

I came across your blog in arbit surfing session.

It's nice to see you guys doing well :)

(one of your seniors-bhupendra)